Moreover, many philosophers will be inclined to say that either the question makes no sense, or the answer is a simple "Nowhere.

In fact, the term "abstract" object is rather apt, as these are abstracted from our experience with real being, with reality.

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" But this would appear to be another unreflective application of the unpersuasive inference noted above.

Abstract object theory is a discipline that studies the nature and role of abstract.

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CS import. . This article explores the compatibility of, and relationship between, the Platonic and Theistic metaphysical visions.

. These abstract objects exist necessarily.

In metaphysics, the distinction between abstract and concrete refers to a divide between two types of entities.

I can imagine a unicorn but this does not mean a unicorn exists in abstracta.

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3) Therefore, a beginningless series of events in time cannot exist. School 1) The mathematical platonists.

And a great number of mathematical theorems are true.
Abstract objects rather critically don't do anything.

A mathematical object is just an abstract object that would ordinarily be thought of as falling in the domain of mathematics, for example, a number, function, or set.

This is because since all possible abstracta exist, we can be certain that our statements containing abstracta correspond to some fact(s)—i.

"We had to make machines to make this work. . 0:00 - intro1:57 - taking concrete for granted4:26 - challenges for ordinary objects9:28 - constructing concrete11:57 - abstraction15:45 - the abstr.

. . Jun 22, 2021 · Then, there is the notion of "colours which do not exist", reported by some people with visual disturbances, such as when on hallucinogenic drug trips, and also referred to in some F&SF stories. School 2) The mathematical fictionalists. " But this would appear to be another unreflective application of the unpersuasive inference noted above. .

Surely, God’s being able to cause abstract objects to exist must be posterior to his having properties like the ones mentioned above.

The property of wisdom exists. But a sentence cannot be true unless its sub-expressions succeed in doing what they purport to do.

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In short, it is the view that all possible abstract objects exist.


But, the proponent of this theory is committed to the existence of properties being posterior to God’s causing them to exist.