Venkat Gopalan are featured in The New Face of STEM Research: Diverse Students, Shared Experiences by the College of Arts and Sciences.

At OSU - REU site undergraduate students will:. Program Information Mentors and Projects Apply FAQ 2022 Summer Participants.

Team-Mentored Interdisciplinary Research Experiences in Chemistry for Early-Stage Undergraduates.

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Experience Columbus; NSF-Biological Sciences REU Programs. . The Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at the Ohio State University will host an.

Applied to: Yale SACKLER/NSF interdisciplinary REU, Cornell MBG REU, University of Nevada Las Vegas MOE REU, University of Florida Whitney Lab REU, Ohio State Molecular Genetics REU, Auburn University Computational Biology REU, Boston BRITE, and Vanderbilt Chemical Biology REU.

Brianna Mount. US citizen or permanent resident enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in physics, materials science, chemistry, or electrical/computer engineering. Jane Jackman and Dr.

Department of Natural Sciences. .

Additional information about research in these areas can be found under the.

of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Ohio State, will provide a laboratory experience for undergraduate students in one of several.

University Resources. The program runs from May through July during Summer 2023.

It is worthwhile to look at the California schools and check - look for schools that have programs that start mid to late June. 455 CBEC Building.

Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry.
REU program in Molecular Biology sponsored by The National Science Foundation.

The program is designed to help prepare students for graduate education in physical chemistry.

REU Scholarship Program.

edu. The 2020 OSU REU program in Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science is directed by Prof. Applications for research programs are competitive and generally require a personal statement, essays, recommendation letters and transcripts.

”. . Oklahoma State University Research Experience for Undergraduates in Chemistry Department of Chemistry, 107 Physical Science I, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Ok – 74078 REU Application Form – Summer 2016 (May 23 – July 29) I. The NSF-funded CSCC Research Internship program involves a wide range of research projects where students will learn to address scientific issues including: Integrating materials. . .


Venkat Gopalan are featured in The New Face of STEM Research: Diverse Students, Shared Experiences by the College of Arts and Sciences. .

Transcript from your current institution, to be uploaded with your application.


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