But that’s not all.

You’ll then take about a 5 minute walk to get to the first set of waterfalls (lower falls).

PEEPEE FALLS (PE’EPE’E FALLS & BOILING POTS) A couple swimming in one of the pools of the Boiling Pots just downstream of Pe’epe’e Falls. .


Manoa Falls - Townside in Manoa Valley.

. 7 miles. Megan Shute/OnlyInYourState.


. . Advanced waterfall hike on Oahu.

Maunawili Falls is a small but picturesque and popular 15-30ft. 2.


May 23, 2023 · Parking is readily available, and you'll find a few picnic shelters nearby, where you can stop for lunch.

. The unique thing about this waterfall is that it flows year-round, and you can walk right up to the base.

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Swimming at the waterfall is allowed but the status of swimming changes throughout the day depending on the weather.
Have a refreshing swim in the pool under these scenic falls in north Oahu.
Along the trail, you will also be able to catch sight of other waterfalls.

Maunawili Falls.


On Oahu, there’s not an abundance of waterfalls that the public can access. Oahu is known for mesmerizing natural beauty — complete with white sands, humpback whale watching, tropical flora, dense jungle and waterfalls. .

. WAIMANO FALLS. . . Whether you’re interested in swimming, cliff diving, or just snapping photos, you’ll find the perfect waterfall for your Oahu vacation. The pretty waterfall has a pond large enough to swim and it’s a nice place to pack a picnic to eat by the falls.


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Waterfalls wouldn't sound so melodious if there were no rocks on their way.

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Jackass Ginger Pool - Pali Highway.

Why you should go: Not far from Waikiki Beach and the University of Hawaii.

The hike to get here is 2 miles long, but once you get here you can stay for as long as you want and enjoy the view.